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PERFECT LOCATION Renovated 11 room home with an in-law apartment $299K


PERFECT LOCATION Renovated 11 room home with an in-law apartment $299K


Let's talk about Real Estate 101.

You can pay $250 a square foot or more to live ten minutes from the beach.  If you go to the beach ten times a year but have to drive 30 minutes to enjoy so much more, then maybe you should look for a house that is located in an area where you can spend $98.68 a square foot and has major shopping malls in 7-10 minutes, the beach in 25 minutes, casino in 7 minutes and hiking in 5 minutes.  To top that, what if I told you almost everything is new on the house. It has new windows and doors, new roof, new vinyl siding, new insulation and sheetrock, new wiring, new plumbing, 2 new kitchens with all new appliances and granite counters, new vinyl laminate flooring, new carpet, new furnace and new central ac, three new bathrooms, a huge master bedroom and how about having 16 people seated comfortably for Thanksgiving Dinner in your dining room with seating bar open to the kitchen.  But wait, there is more... this is an 11 room house with three bedrooms, three bathrooms and an in-law apartment.  Don't think about just now, think about the future.  That in-law apartment may work for a sometime soon elder, a current teen that wants their own space, a separated family trying to live together or so many more possibilities.  That apartment has two private entrances.  There is enough room in this house to have two home offices and a separate work room for the kids.  This house is 3030+ square feet for only $299,000 and is located at 228 Route 165 Preston CT and you can go decades without having to fix anything major on the house.  One last thing.  How about an outbuilding 14X16 wired to be a man cave, woman cave, workshop, teen hang out, sleep-over den or anything you can think of. 


So look to buy a house based on dollars per square foot.  The cost per square foot is a benchmark so you can compare size and value.  If you pay $250 a square foot for 1000-1500 square feet then you paid way too much. Money saved can be used for curb appeal or whatever you wish.  In the words of Dave Ramsey… the new age instead of having a BMW is now paying off your debt early.  In other words, buy a house that is low cost per square foot but has lots of new things. You will never be sorry.  You don't need the BMW which depreciates like crazy.  Own something with everything new that appreciates.


This market could change at any time.  I can assure you when the interest rates go up, you will be sorry you didn’t buy this property.  Do you think the stock market can outperform this house in the next 20 years?  I would doubt it.  In the meantime, love the house, enjoy your family and enjoy all the great things around you.


Why not put this house at the top of your list.  $299,000 buys you a lot of house for today, tomorrow and for life. 


Whether this is your summer get away, an investment or your new home, this is a 11 room home that has been completely renovated.  Do you like fish? At the end of your property is a brook. Why not put some bass and trout in there.  They can’t get out.  Have fresh fish whenever you want.   This will not last long. I am the dad and my daughter and I decided we needed a top notch realtor so we have the perfect one. The realtor’s name is “Mr. H” which is a code for you to get an extra discount off the price of the house and he can be reached at (860) 608-8659   My daughter, a hard working nurse, working crazy hours, is waiting for you to buy the house.  LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION Imagine buying a house where almost everything is new and you can have many years and not have to do a thing. The address is 228 Route 165 Preston CT 06265.  If you plan this as a vacation home, you can drive or simply take the train or Orient Point Ferry to New London CT. From the train station it is a $32 Uber or Lyft ride.


Understand this… my daughter and I worked on this house for years so that she would live close to the family.  We spared no expenses.  She fell in love and moved to Florida.  My wife and I and our 20 year old daughter live here and finished the house.  Once this house is sold, my family will move to Florida to join my daughter and live life together… forever.  If you get it, make the move and buy this house.  My daughter gets married next year at Disney.  You will see in the pictures that there is not much furniture and loads of totes ready to move.  We will be leaving most all of the furniture if you want it and we will be taking our totes.


For those of us concerned with safety and security, you will love this house featuring Google Nest products.  We have security cameras even though we live in one of the safest communities in the country.  We have the Google Nest smart thermostat which saves us money on heating and air conditioning.    Best of all, we have the Google Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  These detectors are so smart they test themselves daily and report to your smartphone.  They light your way at night and in case of emergency.  They are so smart that if one detector senses a problem, every sensor in the house will speak and tell you exactly where the problem is.  For example, “smoke detected in the baby’s room”.  Life is precious and we have thought of everything for this house.




If you are concerned about the paperwork, we have a top notch legal team that will take care of everything and save you thousands on closing costs.  We can both be represented by the law office of Blais Cunningham & Crowe Chester, LLP, in affiliation with Michael L. Schein and James A. Briden.


Right now the interest rates are so low that you can have a 15 year mortgage for the same price of a 30 year mortgage years ago.  So buy this house, have nothing to fix for years and in 15 years you are mortgage free.  Time is running out.  This is the last time we are lowering the price because we have put well over $300,000 into this house. I guess if you want to pay $250 a square foot to live in a cramped house then good for you.  This is quality throughout.  Compare it to other houses and see if everything is new in those other houses.  Please make wise choices.


Here are the room sizes:

Ground floor:


CHOICE ROOM  13X                     LAUNDRY  13X14       BATHROOM


First Floor:

KITCHEN  10X14                                 DINING  12X14            LIVINGROOM 14X18



Second Floor:




Don’t buy a 1000 or 1500 square foot house because that is 1/3 or ½ of this beautiful house.  If you spend about $30,000 more than that 1/3 or ½ house, it is only $126 more a month on your mortgage.  You won’t have to worry about things to fix and you won’t have to expand your house which will cost you $100,000 or more.  Think to the future.  A well-built house now with everything new will last you a LIFETIME.  I bet you can find an extra $126 a month to have a really beautiful house.  Can you imagine that 1000 square foot house you almost bought… you can put three of those inside this house.



The cost to build a house in CT is about $150 a square foot.  Add to that the cost of the property and well and septic.  Throw in appliances and more and you will see that this house is a steal at $98.68 a square foot which includes everything.  The cost of lumber has gone up 300% since Thanksgiving of 2020.  Buying a house like this puts you light years ahead of building or buying someone’s old house with little or nothing new.  I challenge you right now to FIND ANY HOUSE with everything new at $98.68 a square foot. 


We are looking out for you on your buying this property.  We have a well water test showing the water is good.  We have two septic systems here and we just put risers on both of them so you don’t have to dig them up when it is time to pump them out.  We have also pumped out both tanks and everything looks great.  We want you to buy this house and not have to worry about anything for decades.

To look at this house or others, just get in touch with Lisa Raiche or Chad. Please call (401) 596-1000 or email:  

To look at this house or others, just get in touch with Lisa Raiche or Chad. Please call (401) 596-1000 or email:


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